FREE! Get Book I: the Dragon Egg Curse ebook for free this week...

To celebrate the completion of the first draft of book II I am offering book I free to Kindle users all week starting on November 24th.

It isn't required reading to enjoy the forthcoming second book but there is some connective tissue and the first book does set up the world of Professor Phippen Abercombie and his enchanted pantry.

Here is the Book I synopsis:

Phippen Abercrombie is a collector of adventures and he keeps his collection in sealed jars in his pantry. The timeless and mysterious Professor Abercrombie stores countless jars in his enchanted pantry each containing the unique past, present or future adventure of thousands of children. 

Fourteen year old Cameron Tate is preparing to make the best of the last couple days of summer holidays before returning to school. A bookish, imaginative, loner, Cameron is dreading returning to school where he struggles to fit in. When he reluctantly goes on an errand for his mother he soon finds himself following a talking weasel through the woods near his home to the mansion of Professor Phippen Abercrombie. 

The Professor presents Cameron with the opportunity to enter the pantry and seek out the jar labeled with his name, containing his adventure. Cameron retrieves his jar and twists the top off releasing a magical journey beyond anything he could ever have dreamed. 

In an instant he is transported to the cursed kingdom of Krotan. Accompanied by three young farmers, the King Aodhan, his brave knight Brogan and the knights warrior daughter Phaelan, Cameron must confront the evil witch Dagma Kaillech and the vengeful dragon Tiarnach. If Cameron is to defeat the Witch, save the Princess and bring to an end the curse that has plagued Krotan, he must trust in his new friends and find the courage in himself to stand up for what he believes is right. 

Filled with monsters, magic, acts of great heroism and sacrifice; The Dragon Egg Curse is a fantasy adventure for the young and the young at heart.


If you enjoy fantasy adventure, worlds within worlds and fairy tale inspired middle-grade fiction, then check out my first book, The Adventures of Phippen Abercrombie Book I: The Dragon Egg Curse.

And, it is FREE on Kindle November 24th to the November 28th.

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