3 Days Left...

Only three more days to take advantage of the free promo for the Adventures of Phippen Abercrombie, Book I.

So far this has been my best free promotion yet. Including my now legendary, if brief, moment at the top of the charts in Germany. Thanks Germany, I always knew you had great taste. Click the image to get a better look.

Take that Robert Louis Stevenson... Treasure Island my eye! And Mr. Kipling... Sorry, not even close!

For everyone who has read it and enjoyed it please take the time to leave a review, i would really appreciate it. Even if you thought it wasn't so great i can always use the constructive criticism... right?!?!

But if you haven't read it yet you best run out and get a copy today. Don't hesitate, you never know, you could get hit by a bus before you get the chance to read it. That would be tragic. Just ask Germany.

Anyway, thank you for all your support to everyone who has downloaded it. You have made something that was already a lot of fun even more enjoyable.

Happy reading everyone!

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