The great gray beast February is in retreat..

It is nearly March which means the end of Harvey Swick's "great gray beast February". As much as I adore the Thief of Always I had a difficult time with that description because my birthday was in February.... So the month wasn't all bad.

However, growing up on the prairies, March was my great gray beast. Spring was always too far away and the choke hold of winter was still so strong as to seem inescapable. But now, in the Okanagan, I look out at the already greening grass and I can't help but feel that spring is pushing winter hard out the door. Here's you hat, what's your hurry?

And good riddance. Like the Pevensies before me I can't help but delight at the arrival of spring. Winter has always felt like an evil enchantment from which there is little escape.

Perhaps that is a bit much but bring on the spring. I, for one, could not be happier to see it arrive.

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