National Novel Writing Month, Part 1

Day two, 6% complete.  (You can follow my word count in the header if you feel so inclined.)

So far so good. However, am I still working on my novel from last year's NaNoWriMo?


Do I intend on finishing my novel from last year?

A resounding, Yup. 

So why start a new one? Why not finish the old one instead of piling up 50 000 new words on a different story? 

Honestly?  I have no idea.

All I can figure is there is something about the challenge that I can't resist. This will be my third attempt. This story is by far the least prepared I have been when starting. But it is also the story I most want to get right. It is something that has be percolating in my mind for many years.

It doesn't belong in my genre of interest, middle grade fiction. In fact I do not know where it belongs. Part autobiographical, part fiction, part fantasy (maybe?). We will see. I am hoping the story will guide me. 

That is the thing about NaNoWriMo that I find so appealing. You do not have the time to second guess yourself. You do not have the time to endlessly revise, re-evaluate and redirect. You can't go back every day and reread all that you have covered thus far. You simply have to keep putting down another word, then another and another and lose yourself in the story. It is in some ways closer the that act of reading than it is to writing.

I must get back to it. Still about 500 words short for the day and I have nearly wasted 288 here… (hmmmm, how can I fit these words into my manuscript?)





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