Free Book Promo...

Next week, Feb 4th to Feb 8th, my complete Book I will be available for free on Amazon.

If you haven't read it yet or if you have friends who haven't read it yet, let them know. It would be tragic if they would continue to fumble through life always feeling like something was missing. Struggling with the sense of emptiness and despair that comes from having not read my book.

Perhaps they seem distant, lost, distracted. As if they are searching for some elusive mystery which seems to be just out of their grasp. As a friend you may be able to recognize this, even if they themselves cannot see it. It is your responsibility, your duty, as a true friend to show them the light. Direct them down the right path. They would do the same for you.

And the best thing of all, this peace of mind, this release from the crippling grip of despair, is completely free. For five days a door will be opened to a better world, a brighter tomorrow.

If you are a true humanitarian you could even go so far as to by as many paperbacks as your budget will allow and have them air dropped across the middle east in an effort to bring about world peace. We all need to do our part in even the smallest way.

So watch for it, put it in your calender, write it on the fridge, tattoo it to the back of your hand (or on your forehead), but set the date. February 4th, my birthday, my gift to you is eternal happiness in eBook form.

Or at the very least you can have a brief reprieve from your daily routine.... that or world peace... I guess we will see how it plays out.

Craig Milton on StoryFinds