The Dragon Egg Curse, Part 2 FREE on Amazon...

The Adventures of Phippen Abercrombie: The Dragon Egg Curse, Part 2 is free for the next few days on Amazon.

Part 2 of The Dragon Egg Curse, finds Cameron continuing his adventure in the cursed land of Krotan.  After he kills the fearsome Tredger word spreads quickly of Cameron's arrival.

Before long, he arrives in Krotan City where he meets King Aodhan and Princess Majella. Meanwhile, Cu Roi continues his attempts to prevent the boy and his supporters from ever reaching the Witch and the dragon. 

If you enjoyed part 1 please go download part 2.

If have not read part 1, here is where you can find them both.

If you enjoy short horror stories check out Mirror Lake as well. (Not for the kids thought).

Happy reading!

Craig Milton on StoryFinds